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    Петсвояж пользователь №5


    and Raymond, French Bulldog

    Flight: KievLos Angeles
    Overall rate

    My French Bulldog was flying from Kiev to Los Angeles. The Petsvoyage employees were very polite and touching, they made it possible for us to monitor all stages of our pet shipment. During the stopover in Warsaw they sent us a video-report of our dog being looked after and fed. Raymond reached us healthy and playful, which pleased us greatly. Thank you for your service!

    Петсвояж пользователь №7


    and her Jasmine, English Cocker Spaniel

    Flight: KyivChicago
    Overall rate

    Our youngster 4-month old Jasmine (English Cocker Spaniel) took flight from Kyiv to Chicago by LOT Polish airlines. The shipment was organised by Petsvoyage. We were so worried about her. Thanks to great organisation and proper care demonstrated by Petsvoyage, our little girl made it to America to delight her owners. Jasmine sends her greetings to Petsvoyage team and wishes them great success in what they do!!

    Петсвояж пользователь №2


    and het Kytsya, the cat

    Flight: KyivPhiladelphia
    Overall rate

    Petsvoyage helped our Kytsya to move to Philadelphia. I did not have to worry about the paperwork (my only responsibility was to provide pet passport and arrange for a microchip and vaccination). When I say that I nearly shipped my cat as a parcel since I could not accompany her on the flight, people are amazed. Nevertheless, everything went so fine, and our pet was able to enjoy her sofa in America the very next day.

    Петсвояж пользователь №4


    and her Scottish Fold kittens

    Flight: KyivLondon
    Overall rate

    Very polite and friendly team, it was a pleasure to work with you! You treat animals with great care. For someone like me, who shipped my pet for the first time, you provided comprehensive information as to where and how to prepare the required paperwork, what container to use and all the rest. Great job!

    Петсвояж пользователь №3


    Flight: KyivLondon
    Overall rate

    Thank you so much for your assistance and guidance provided. I got all my questions answered in timely manner. I give these guys 5 out of 5 for their professional approach and will recommend their service to my friends.

    Петсвояж пользователь №3


    and her precious Sphynx Cat and a Toy Terrier

    Flight: KyivLondon
    Overall rate

    Thanks a lot! Last year we successfully had our cat shipped using your service. This time around we had a dog shipped. Service provided in timely and well organised manner.

    Петсвояж пользователь №5


    and her French Bulldog

    Flight: KyivLondon
    Overall rate

    I would like to thank Anastasia and Vitaliy for shipping our girl, the French Bulldog. We were very anxious, but our dog made it safe and sound and was keen on playing with us immediately upon landing. Thank you for your excellent service.

    Петсвояж пользователь №8


    and her Katie, Toy Poodle

    Flight: KyivLondon
    Overall rate

    Many thanks to Petsvoyage team! We had not seen our girl for 4 years. It was a long flight but all went smooth. Our Katie is back with us.

    Петсвояж пользователь №6


    and his Volt, Shih Tzu

    Flight: KyivLondon
    Overall rate

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude. Our Volt was, of course, tired as it took 5 hours to go through customs clearance, but all eventually went very well. Thank you so much again. Wishing the best of luck to you and your team.

    Петсвояж пользователь №1


    Flight: KyivLondon
    Overall rate

    I would like to thank Vitaliy for arranging shipment for my little kitty. The cat made it safe to his owner :). The trip went well, my kitty reached me energised and gave me a greeting kiss on arrival )) I am happy. Thank you so much for this! I am surely a returning customer from now on.

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